Although Isher provided a living for the Proni family for a number of years, living on the road as itinerant raygun hucksters—traveling from one science fiction convention to the next—was not an easy way to live. The family rebelled. One by one, they went their separate ways. Eventually Tullio was (cough) encouraged to take a full-time job.

Today Tullio is the Director of Information Technology at a non-profit foundation, overseeing two charter schools, several daycare centers, a number of employment training facilities, and a very busy central office. He is responsible for a network of over 300 computers across Michigan and has a small staff to help manage the needs of a diverse group of computers and computer users. He is also Very Important to the mission of that organization. All of the family is grateful that Tullio ultimately found his special purpose there.

Sadly, basic raygun models are no longer in regular production. At this time the only projects undertaken at Isher are custom jobs. As Tullio’s time is limited, his fine craftsmanship requires a much longer lead time. To be brutally honest, the only way a project will be accepted now is if it is something that really interests Tullio.

So if you have an idea for a blaster or some other kind of prop, by all means—please contact Tullio, but be prepared to add a significant amount of charm (or other information, such as how this item may be used when it is finished) so as to make the project attractive. The “gotta wanna” factor is very high these days.