Isher’s future plans are vague — you might even say — nebulous.

The first project is to change the layout of the dungeon, oops, we mean, basement work area. The smaller mill is for sale (reasonable, but cheap!) to anyone who will provide it a good home and come pick it up. Literally, up, as it is located in the dungeon (oops, we mean, the basement) which is about 8 steps below ground level, down a rickety flight of stairs. We promise pizza and beer to anyone who is good-humored enough to take this on.

Another ongoing project is revamping the Main Office in the Headquarters Building. Some of our staff got so fed up with the mess that they walked out, leaving even more of a mess behind. This project is now entering its fourth year. We are grateful that no one is really counting.

The Electronics Laboratory is slowly morphing into a Chemistry Laboratory, thanks to an influx of fantastic materials purchased on the sly from LabX. We were giddy with delight to find this site, and source, for so many things that a Mad Scientist truly needs — NEEDS — we tell you! You may enjoy these offerings as well, but please Do Not Bid Against Us. We would hate to have to hunt you down and ... well who knows what ... Mad Scientists can be cranky when crossed, you know.