Isher production began in 1976. The early rayguns were simply named: the Model A, Model B, Model C, Model S, Model T.
There were seldom any rejects at Isher: rather, variations became a new model!

Model S

A standard Model S (left) gives an indication of the width of the early gun handles and possible nose variations.

Model S-special 2 Model S-special 1

The Model S-special (right) with its pull-out barrel offered the user an option for “two-rayguns-in-one!”—a snub-nosed blaster enabled close-in work on a spaceship, while adding the longer turned barrel modified this finely made “weapon” into a hand-held “long range” armament. This example was returned to the Isher Archives as a kindness by the original purchaser, 25 years later. He remembered the original purchase price of $28.00 in 1981 as a big deal for a college student. So did we.

Model S-Beal

The raygun pictured at left was a corruption of the standard Models B, C, and S: eventually it was called the Model S-Beal, after Robin Beal, the Milwaukee fan who first purchased this variation.

Model S-su
The Model S-su was a very popular, lightweight blaster designed by an apprentice in the Weapon Shops of Isher in the 1980s. By carving the gun barrel to resemble a pine tree, the electronic circuit in the blaster showed off the design to great effect: whether the light source was a miniature incandescent bulb or an ultrabright LED, the barrel would glow with color when the trigger was pulled.